Shape; mold. [L. forma]
- accolé forms (ak-ola′) SYN: appliqué forms.
- appliqué forms (ap-li-ka′) a term applied to the manner in which the ring stage of Plasmodium falciparum parasitizes the marginal portion of erythrocytes. SYN: accolé forms.
- arch f. the shape and contour of the dental arch, or of an orthodontic wire formed to the shape of that arch.
- boat f. the less stable of two conformations assumed by 6-membered cyclic sugars (pyranoses) or cyclohexane derivatives, as opposed to chair f.. SEE ALSO: Haworth conformational formulas of cyclic sugars.
- chair f. the more stable of two conformations assumed by 6-membered cyclic sugars ( e.g., the pyranoses) or cyclohexane derivatives, as opposed to boat f.. SEE ALSO: Haworth conformational formulas of cyclic sugars.
- convenience f. the changes needed outside the basic outline f. to enable proper instrumentation for the cavity preparation and insertion of a dental restoration.
- extension f. the extension of the cavity preparation outline f. to include areas of incipient carious lesions; this extension provides a dental restoration with margins that are self-cleansing or easily cleaned.
- face f. 1. the outline f. of the face; 2. the outline f. of the face from an anterior view.
- half-chair f. Haworth conformational formulas of cyclic sugars.
- involution f. an irregular or atypical bacterial cell produced as a result of exposure to unfavorable conditions.
- L f. L-phase variants, under variant.
- occlusal f. the f. of the occlusal surface of a tooth or a row of teeth. SYN: occlusal pattern.
- outline f. the shape of the area of the tooth surface included within the cavosurface margins of the cavity preparation of a dental restoration.
- posterior tooth f. the distinguishing contours of the occlusal surface of the various posterior teeth.
- replicative f. (RF) 1. an intermediate stage in the replication of either DNA or RNA viral genomes that is usually double-stranded; 2. the altered, double-stranded f. to which single-stranded coliphage DNA is converted after infection of a susceptible bacterium, formation of the complementary (“minus”) strand being mediated by enzymes that were present in the bacterium before entrance of the viral (“plus”) strand.
- resistance f. the shape given to a cavity preparation that enables the dental restoration to withstand masticatory forces.
- retention f. the shape of a cavity preparation that prevents displacement of the dental restoration by lateral or tipping forces as well as masticatory forces.
- sickle f. SYN: malarial crescent.
- skew f. Haworth conformational formulas of cyclic sugars.
- tooth f. the characteristics of the curves, lines, angles, and contours of various teeth which permit their identification and differentiation.
- twist f. Haworth conformational formulas of cyclic sugars.
- wave f. See waveform. SYN: waveshape.
- wax f. SYN: wax pattern.
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form 'fȯ(ə)rm n
1 a) the shape and structure of something as distinguished from its material
b) a body (as of a person) esp. in its external appearance or as distinguished from the face
2) a distinguishable group of organisms used esp. to avoid taxonomic implications
form vt to give a particular shape to: shape or mold into a certain state or after a particular model vi to become formed or shaped <a clot \formed over the cut>

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(form) [L. forma] 1. the characteristic of a structure or entity generally determined by its shape and size, or other external or visible feature. 2. in taxonomy, a prefix indicating that the taxon to which it is affixed is composed of organisms whose sexual phase is nonexistent or unknown; used in the classification of the Deuteromycota (Fungi Imperfecti).

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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