A genus of fungi of which at least two species, F. pedrosoi and F. compacta, cause chromoblastomycosis.

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Fon·se·caea .fän-sē-'sē-ə n a genus of imperfect fungi that includes two (F. pedrosoi and F. compacta) often associated with chromoblastomycosis

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Fon·se·caea (fon-se-seґə) [O. da Fonseca, Brazilian scientist, early 20th century] a genus of Fungi Imperfecti of the form-class Hyphomycetes, form-family Dematiaceae; some species were formerly included in the genera Hormodendrum and Cladosporium. F. compacґtum and F. pedroґsoi are etiologic agents of 1. chromoblastomycosis.

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