A two-winged insect in the order Diptera. Important flies include Simulium (black f.), Calliphora (bluebottle f.), Piophila casei (cheese f.), Chrysops (deer f.), Siphona irritans (horn f.), Fannia scolaris (latrine f.), Oestrus ovis and Gasterophilus hemorrhoidalis (nose f.), Cochliomyia hominivorax (primary screw-worm f.) and C. macellaria (secondary screw-worm f.), Stomoxys calcitrans (stable f.), Glossina (tsetse f.), and members of the insect order Trichoptera. For some types of flies not listed as subentries here (usually written as one word), see the full name ( e.g., blowfly, botfly, gadfly, horsefly, housefly). [A.S. fleóge]
- flesh f. genera of flies including Wohlfahrtia, Sarcophaga, and Parasarcophaga that feed on feces and decaying meat or fish; can cause human disease.
- heel f. botfly.
- louse flies pupiparous, dorsoventrally flattened dipterous ectoparasites of the family Hippoboscidae. SEE ALSO: Hippobosca.
- mangrove f. species of Chrysops in Africa, vectors of Loa loa; e.g., Chrysops silacea.
- Russian f., Spanish f. SYN: cantharis.
- warble f. botfly.

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fly 'flī n, pl flies
1) a winged insect usu. used in combination <emerging mayflies> <a large butterfly>
2 a) any dipteran fly called also true fly, two-winged fly
b) a large and stout-bodied dipteran fly (as a horsefly)

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a two-winged insect belonging to a large group called the Diptera. The mouthparts of flies are adapted for sucking and sometimes also for piercing and biting. Fly larvae (maggots) may infest human tissues and cause disease (see myiasis).

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(fli) general term for any of numerous two-winged insects of the order Diptera. Called also musca.

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