1. A compound of fluorine with a metal, a nonmetal, or an organic radical. 2. The anion of fluorine; inhibits enolase; found in bone and tooth apatite; f. has a cariostatic effect; high levels are toxic.

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flu·o·ride 'flu̇(-ə)r-.īd n
1) a compound of fluorine with a more electropositive element or radical
2) the monovalent anion of fluorine
fluoride adj

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a compound of fluorine. The incorporation of fluoride ions in the enamel of teeth makes them more resistant to dental caries. The ions enter enamel during its formation, and after tooth eruption by surface absorption. The addition of fluoride to public water supplies is called fluoridation. Fluoride may also be applied topically in toothpaste or by a dentist. If the water supply contains too little fluoride, fluoride salts may be given to children in the form of mouthwashes, drops, or tablets.

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flu·o·ride (floorґīd) a binary compound of fluorine. See also stannous fluoride, under stannous.

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