A bend, as in an organ or structure. SYN: flexura [TA]. [L. flexura]
- anorectal f. [TA] the anteroposterior curve or angle, with convesity directed anteriorly, of the anorectal junction; tonus of the puborectalis (muscle) produces the angle for maintaining fecal continence; relaxation of the muscle allows the angle to be reduced for defecation. SYN: flexura anorectalis [TA], flexura perinealis (canalis ani), perineal f. of anal canal, anorectal angle, perineal f. of rectum.
- basicranial f. SYN: pontine f..
- caudal f. the bend in the lumbosacral region of the embryo. SYN: sacral f..
- cephalic f. the sharp, ventrally concave bend in the developing midbrain of the embryo. SYN: cerebral f., cranial f., mesencephalic f..
- cerebral f. SYN: cephalic f..
- cervical f. the ventrally concave bend at the juncture of the brainstem and spinal cord in the embryo.
- cranial f. SYN: cephalic f..
- dorsal f. a f. in the mid-dorsal region in the embryo.
- duodenojejunal f. [TA] an abrupt bend in the small intestine at the junction of the duodenum and jejunum. SYN: flexura duodenojejunalis [TA], duodenojejunal angle.
- hepatic f. right colic f..
- inferior duodenal f. [TA] the bend at the junction of the descending and horizontal parts of the duodenum. Occasionally a bend, the left inferior duodenal f., occurs at the junction of the horizontal and ascending parts. SYN: flexura duodeni inferior [TA].
- left colic f. [TA] the bend at the junction of the transverse and descending colon. SYN: flexura coli sinistra [TA], flexura colica splenica, splenic f..
- lumbar f. SYN: lumbar lordosis.
- mesencephalic f. SYN: cephalic f..
- perineal f. of rectum SYN: anorectal f..
- pontine f. the dorsally concave curvature of the rhombencephalon in the embryo; appearance indicates division of rhombencephalon into myelencephalon and metencephalon. SYN: basicranial f., transverse rhombencephalic f..
- right colic f. [TA] the bend of the colon at the juncture of its ascending and transverse portions. SYN: flexura coli dextra [TA], hepatic f., flexura coli hepatis.
- sacral f. SYN: caudal f..
- sacral f. of rectum [TA] the anteroposterior curve with concavity anteriorward of the first portion of the rectum. SYN: flexura sacralis recti [TA].
- sigmoid f. SYN: sigmoid colon.
- splenic f. left colic f..
- superior duodenal f. [TA] the f. at the junction of the superior and descending parts of the duodenum. SYN: flexura duodeni superior [TA].
- telencephalic f. a f. appearing in the embryonic forebrain region.
- transverse rhombencephalic f. SYN: pontine f..

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flex·ure 'flek-shər n
1) the quality or state of being flexed: FLEXION
2) an anatomical turn, bend, or fold esp one of three sharp bends of the anterior part of the primary axis of the vertebrate embryo that serve to establish the relationship of the parts of the developing brain see CEPHALIC FLEXURE, CERVICAL FLEXURE, HEPATIC FLEXURE, PONTINE FLEXURE, SIGMOID FLEXURE, SPLENIC FLEXURE
flex·ur·al -shər-əl adj

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a bend in an organ or part, such as the hepatic and splenic flexures of the colon.

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flex·ure (flekґshər) a bend; a bent portion of a structure or organ; see flexura. flexural adj

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