A small receptacle, usually of glass, used for holding liquids, powder, or gases. [M.E. keg, fr. Fr. flasque, fr. Germanic]
- casting f. SYN: refractory f..
- crown f. SYN: denture f..
- denture f. a sectional metal boxlike case in which a sectional mold is made of plaster of Paris or artificial stone for the purpose of compressing and curing dentures or other resinous restorations. SYN: crown f..
- Dewar f. a glass vessel, often silvered, with two walls, the space between which is evacuated; used for maintaining materials at constant temperature or, more usually, at low temperature. SYN: vacuum f..
- Erlenmeyer f. a f. with a broad base, conical body, and narrow neck; so shaped that its liquid content can be shaken laterally without spilling.
- Fernbach f. a f. used in microbial fermentations where a large surface area of the liquid substrate is required.
- Florence f. a globular long-necked bottle of thin glass used for holding water or other liquid in laboratory work.
- hatching f. a f. painted a dark color so that only a small area of dechlorinated water at the top is exposed to light in simulation of pond water conditions, which stimulate hatching of any live schistosome eggs in fresh stool and urine sediment added to the f.; the released miracidium larvae will be searching for appropriate snail intermediate hosts.
- injection f. a denture f. designed so as to permit the forced flow of denture base material from a reservoir into the mold after the f. is closed and during curing.
- refractory f. a metal tube in which a refractory mold is made for casting metal dental restorations or appliances. SYN: casting f., casting ring.
- vacuum f. SYN: Dewar f..
- volumetric f. a narrow-necked f. calibrated to contain or to deliver a definite amount of liquid.

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flask 'flask n a container often somewhat narrowed toward the outlet and often fitted with a closure: as
a) any of various usu. blown-glass vessels used for technical purposes in a laboratory
b) a metal container in which the materials used to form a dental restoration (as a denture) are processed
flask vt to place (a denture) in a flask for processing

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(flask) 1. a container, such as a narrow-necked vessel of glass for containing liquid. 2. a metal case in which the materials used in the creation of artificial dentures are placed for processing. 3. to place a denture in a flask for processing.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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