1. Whipping either one's self or another as a means of arousing or heightening sexual feeling. 2. The pattern of formation of flagella. [L. flagellatus, fr. flagello, to whip or scourge]

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flag·el·la·tion .flaj-ə-'lā-shən n the practice of a flagellant
flagellation n the formation or arrangement of flagella

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the act of whipping oneself or others as a means of obtaining sexual pleasure (see masochism, sadism). A person displaying this sexual deviation is called a flagellant or flagellomane.

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flag·el·la·tion (flaj″ə-laґshən) 1. the act or instance of whipping or beating, particularly as a sexual excitant. 2. the formation of flagella. 3. the arrangement of flagella on an organism or surface.

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