1. SYN: fissure. 2. In neuroanatomy, a particularly deep sulcus of the surface of the brain or spinal cord. [L. fr. findo, to cleave]
- f. antitragohelicina [TA] a fissure in the auricular cartilage between the cauda helicis and the antitragus. SYN: antitragohelicine fissure.
- f. calcarina SYN: calcarine sulcus.
- fissurae cerebelli [TA] SYN: cerebellar fissures, under fissure.
- f. cerebri lateralis SYN: lateral sulcus.
- f. choroidea [TA] SYN: optic fissure.
- f. collateralis SYN: collateral sulcus.
- f. dentata SYN: hippocampal sulcus.
- f. hippocampi SYN: hippocampal sulcus.
- f. horizontalis [TA] SYN: horizontal fissure [TA] of cerebellum.
- f. horizontalis pulmonis dextri [TA] SYN: transverse fissure of the right lung.
- f. intersemilunaris [TA] SYN: ansoparamedian fissure.
- f. intraculminalis [TA] SYN: intraculminate fissure.
- f. ligamenti teretis hepatis [TA] SYN: fissure for ligamentum teres.
- f. ligamenti venosi [TA] SYN: fissure for ligamentum venosum.
- f. longitudinalis cerebri [TA] SYN: longitudinal cerebral fissure.
- f. mediana anterior medullae oblongatae [TA] SYN: anterior median fissure of medulla oblongata.
- f. mediana anterior medullae spinalis [TA] SYN: anterior median fissure of spinal cord.
- f. obliqua pulmonis [TA] SYN: oblique fissure of lung.
- f. orbitalis inferior [TA] SYN: inferior orbital fissure.
- f. orbitalis superior [TA] SYN: superior orbital fissure.
- f. parietooccipitalis SYN: parietooccipital sulcus.
- f. petro- occipitalis [TA] SYN: petrooccipital fissure.
- f. petrosquamosa [TA] SYN: petrosquamous fissure.
- f. petrotympanica [TA] SYN: petrotympanic fissure.
- f. posterior superior [TA] SYN: posterior superior fissure.
- f. posterolateralis [TA] SYN: posterolateral fissure.
- f. precentralis [TA] SYN: precentral fissure.
- f. preculminalis [TA] SYN: preculminate fissure.
- f. prepyramidalis [TA] SYN: prepyramidal fissure.
- f. prima cerebelli [TA] SYN: primary fissure of cerebellum.
- f. pterygoidea SYN: pterygoid notch.
- f. pterygomaxillaris [TA] SYN: pterygomaxillary fissure.
- f. pterygopalatina SYN: pterygomaxillary fissure.
- f. pudendi SYN: pudendal cleft.
- f. secunda cerebelli [TA] SYN: secondary fissure [TA] of cerebellum.
- f. sphenopetrosa [TA] SYN: petrosphenoidal fissure.
- f. transversa cerebelli SYN: transverse fissure of cerebellum.
- f. transversa cerebri [TA] SYN: transverse cerebral fissure.
- f. tympanomastoidea [TA] SYN: tympanomastoid fissure.
- f. tympanosquamosa [TA] SYN: tympanosquamous fissure.

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fis·su·ra fi-'s(h)u̇-rə, Brit also fi-'s(h)yu̇-rə n, pl fis·su·rae -.rē, -.rī FISSURE (1)

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fis·su·ra (fis-uґrə) gen. and pl. fissuґrae [L., from findere to split] fissure: a cleft or groove, especially a deep fold in the cerebral cortex that involves its entire thickness. Cf. sulcus.

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