One of the digits of the hand. SYN: digitus manus [TA]. [A.S.]
- baseball f. an avulsion, partial or complete, of the long f. extensor from the base of the distal phalanx. SYN: drop f., hammer f., mallet f..
- blubber f. SYN: erysipeloid.
- clubbed fingers clubbing.
- dead fingers SYN: acroasphyxia.
- drop f. SYN: baseball f..
- fifth f. SYN: little f..
- first f. SYN: thumb.
- fourth f. SYN: ring f..
- hammer f. SYN: baseball f..
- index f. [TA] the second f. (the thumb being counted as the first). SYN: digitus (manus) secundus [II], forefinger, index (1), second f..
- jerk f. SYN: trigger f..
- little f. [TA] the little or fifth f.. SYN: digitus (manus) minimus [TA], digitus auricularis, digitus (manus) quintus [V], fifth f..
- lock f. SYN: trigger f..
- mallet f. SYN: baseball f..
- middle f. [TA] third f.. SYN: digitus (manus) medius [TA], digitus (manus) tertius [III], third f..
- ring f. [TA] fourth f.. SYN: digitus anularis [TA], digitus (manus) quartus IV, fourth f..
- sausage fingers the thick, short fingers of acromegaly; symmetric, diffusely swollen fingers; an early change in systemic sclerosis.
- seal fingers SYN: erysipeloid.
- second f. SYN: index f..
- snap f. SYN: trigger f..
- spade fingers the course, thick fingers of acromegaly or myxedema.
- spring f. SYN: trigger f..
- stuck f. SYN: trigger f..
- third f. SYN: middle f..
- trigger f. a condition in which the movement of the f. is arrested for a moment in flexion or extension and then continues with a jerk; results from localized swelling of the tendon that interferes with its gliding through the pulleys in the palm of the hand. SYN: jerk f., lock f., snap f., spring f., stuck f..
- waxy fingers SYN: acroasphyxia.
- webbed fingers two or more fingers united and enclosed in a common sheath of skin.
- whale fingers SYN: erysipeloid.
- white fingers an occupational disease occurring in operators of pneumatic hammers who are exposed to cold.
- zinc f. a zinc-binding domain in a protein structure often seen in certain gene regulatory proteins, e.g., transcription factors.

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fin·ger 'fiŋ-gər n any of the five terminating members of the hand: a digit of the forelimb esp one other than the thumb

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fin·ger (fingґgər) any of the five digits of the hand. See pollex, index, digitus medius, digitus anularis, and digitus minimus manus.

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