1. A thin sheet of flexible material coated with a light-sensitive or x-ray–sensitive substance used in taking photographs or radiographs. 2. A thin layer or coating. 3. A radiograph (colloq.).
- absorbable gelatin f. a sterile, nonantigenic, absorbable, water-insoluble, thin sheet of gelatin prepared by drying a gelatin-formaldehyde solution on plates; used in the closure and repair of defects in membranes such as the dura mater or the pleura; it undergoes absorption over a period of 1–6 months.
- bitewing f. a special packaging of radiographic f. that allows an appendage of the f. package to be held between the occlusal surfaces of the teeth.
- decubitus f. a radiograph exposed with the subject in the decubitus position, named for the side that is dependent. SYN: right or left lateral decubitus f..
- horizontal beam f. a radiograph made with the central axis of the x-ray beam parallel to the floor, able to show an air-fluid level.
- latitude f. SYN: wide-latitude f..
- panoramic x-ray f. in dentistry, a radiograph taken to give a panoramic view of the entire upper and lower dental arch as well as the temporomandibular joints.
- plain f. a radiograph made without use of a contrast medium.
- precorneal f. a protective f., 7 to 9 nm thick, consisting of external oily, intermediate watery, and deep mucoprotein layers. SYN: tear f..
- right or left lateral decubitus f. SYN: decubitus f..
- scout f. a radiograph exposed before contrast medium is given, such as the preliminary f. for an angiogram, urogram, or barium contrast gastrointestinal examination. SYN: scout radiograph.
- f. speed the relative sensitivity of f. emulsion to light or radiation exposure; speed is inversely related to detail resolution.
- spot f. a radiograph made during the course of an examination under fluoroscopic control, with a device attached to the fluoroscope.
- tear f. SYN: precorneal f..
- wide-latitude f. f. that does not show large contrast differences with differences in exposure; the slope of the H and D curve is low. SYN: latitude f..

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film 'film n
1 a) a thin skin or membranous covering: PELLICLE
b) an abnormal growth on or in the eye
2 a) an exceedingly thin layer: LAMINA
b) a thin flexible transparent sheet of cellulose acetate or cellulose nitrate coated with a radiation-sensitive emulsion for taking photographs or making radiographs

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(film) 1. a thin layer or coating. 2. a thin transparent sheet of cellulose acetate or similar material coated on one or both sides with an emulsion that is sensitive to light or radiation.

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