A definite area of plane surface, considered in relation to some specific object. [A.S. feld]
- auditory f. the space included within the limits of hearing of a definite sound, as of a tuning fork.
- Broca f. SYN: Broca center.
- Cohnheim f. SYN: Cohnheim area.
- f. of consciousness f. of consciousness.
- f. of fixation in ophthalmology, the angular distance around which the line of fixation can be turned.
- fields of Forel three circumscript, myelin-rich regions of the subthalamus known as H fields (from Haubenfelder); 1) f. H1, corresponding to the thalamic fasciculus, a horizontal fiber stratum at the junction of the subthalamus and the overlying thalamus, is composed of pallidothalamic and cerebellothalamic fibers (brachium conjunctivum) and is separated by the zona incerta from the more ventrally placed f. H2; 2) f. H2, formed by the lenticular fasciculus and arching over the dorsal border of the subthalamic nucleus, is composed largely of pallidothalamic fibers; 3) f. H3 or prerubral f., is a large f. of intermingling gray and white matter immediately rostral to the red nucleus, uniting fields H1 and H2 around the medial margin of the zona incerta; its gray matter forms the prerubral nucleus. SEE ALSO: lenticular loop. SYN: campi foreli, tegmental fields of Forel.
- free f. a f. (three-dimensional space) in a homogeneous, isotropic medium free from boundaries; in practice, a f. in which boundary effects are negligible.
- H fields fields of Forel.
- individuation f. the f. within which an organizer can bring about the rearrangement of primordial tissues in such a manner that a complete embryo is formed.
- involved f. in radiation treatment, the area of the tumor itself.
- magnetic f. the sphere of influence of a magnet.
- microscopic f. the area within which objects are visible with microscope oculars and objectives of various magnifying powers.
- nerve f. the regional distribution of nerve terminals.
- prerubral f. fields of Forel.
- sound f. the environment in which sound waves are propagated. SYN: acoustical surround.
- tegmental fields of Forel SYN: fields of Forel.
- visual f. (F) the area simultaneously visible to one eye without movement; often measured by means of a bowl perimeter located 330 mm from the eye.
- Wernicke f. SYN: Wernicke center.
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field 'fē(ə)ld n
1) an area or division of an activity <a doctor eminent in her \field>
2) a complex of forces that serve as causative agents in human behavior
3 a) a region of embryonic tissue potentially capable of a particular type of differentiation <a morphogenetic \field>
b) a region or space in which a given effect (as magnetism) exists
4 a) an area that is perceived or under observation esp the area visible through the lens of an optical instrument see VISUAL FIELD
b) the site of a surgical operation

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(fēld) 1. an area or open space, as an operative field or visual field. 2. a range of specialization in knowledge, study, or occupation. 3. in embryology, the developing region within a range of modifying factors.

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