A malignant neoplasm derived from deep fibrous tissue, characterized by bundles of immature proliferating fibroblasts arranged in a distinctive herringbone pattern with variable collagen formation, which tends to invade locally and metastasize by the bloodstream.
- ameloblastic f. a rapidly growing, painful, destructive, radiolucent odontogenic tumor that usually arises through malignant change in the mesenchymal component of a pre-existing ameloblastic fibroma. SYN: ameloblastic sarcoma.
- Earle L f. a transplantable f. derived from subcutaneous tissue of a mouse of C3H strain, grown in tissue culture to which 20-methylcholanthrene had been added.
- infantile f. a rapidly growing but infrequently metastasizing f. which usually appears on the extremities in the first year of life.

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fi·bro·sar·co·ma -sär-'kō-mə n, pl -mas also -ma·ta -mət-ə a sarcoma of relatively low malignancy consisting chiefly of spindle-shaped cells that tend to form collagenous fibrils

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a malignant tumour of connective tissue, derived from fibroblast. Fibrosarcomas may arise in soft tissue or bone; they can affect any organ but are most common in the limbs, particularly the leg. They occur in people of all ages and may be congenital. The cells of these tumours show varying degrees of differentiation; the less well differentiated tumours containing elements of histiocytes have been recently reclassified as malignant fibrous histiocytomas.

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fi·bro·sar·co·ma (fi″bro-sahr-koґmə) [fibro- + sarcoma] a malignant tumor composed of cells and fibers derived from fibroblasts, which produce collagen but otherwise lack cellular differentiation; it is grossly grayish white and firm, invades locally, and metastasizes hematogenously. Several varieties occur: an aggressive adult form, a rarely metastasizing infantile or congenital form, an inflammatory form, and a postirradiation form.

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