A variety of cartilage that contains visible type I collagen fibers; appears as a transition between tendons or ligaments or bones. SYN: fibrocartilago.
- basilar f. SYN: basilar cartilage.
- circumferential f. a ring of f. around the articular end of a bone, serving to deepen the joint cavity. SEE ALSO: acetabular labrum, glenoid labrum of scapula.
- external semilunar f. SYN: lateral meniscus.
- interarticular f. SYN: articular disk.
- internal semilunar f. of knee joint SYN: medial meniscus.
- semilunar f. See lateral meniscus, medial meniscus.
- stratiform f. a layer of f. in the bottom of a groove in a bone through which a tendon runs.

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fi·bro·car·ti·lage .fī-(.)brō-'kärt-əl-ij, -'kärt-lij n cartilage in which the matrix except immediately about the cells is largely composed of fibers like those of ordinary connective tissue also a structure or part composed of such cartilage
fi·bro·car·ti·lag·i·nous -.kärt-əl-'aj-ə-nəs adj

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a tough kind of cartilage in which there are dense bundles of fibres in the matrix. It is found in the intervertebral discs and pubic symphysis.

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fi·bro·car·ti·lage (fi″bro-kahrґtĭ-ləj) a type of cartilage made up of typical cartilage cells (chondrocytes), with parallel thick, compact collagenous bundles forming the interstitial substances, separated by narrow clefts enclosing the encapsulated cells; called also stratified cartilage. For names of specific structures composed of such tissue, see under fibrocartilago. fibrocartilaginous adj

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