A band or bundle of fibers, usually of muscle or nerve fibers; a nerve fiber tract. SYN: fasciculus (1) [TA].
- anterior f. of palatopharyngeus (muscle) [TA] thicker portion of the muscle of the palatopharyngeal arch that passes forward between the levator and tensor veli palatini muscles to attach to the posterior border of the hard palate and the palatine aponeurosis; in so doing, some fibers cross the midline and interdigitate with fibers of the contralateral muscle. SYN: fasciculus anterior musculi palatopharyngei [TA].
- muscle f. a bundle of muscle fibers surrounded by perimysium.
- nerve f. a bundle of nerve fibers surrounded by perineurium.
- posterior f. of palatopharyngeus muscle [TA] thinner portion of the muscle of the palatopharyngeal arch, originating in the region of the midline where its fibers interdigitate with the contralateral partner, then passing posterior to the levator veli palatini muscle to join the longitudinal layer of pharyngeal musculature; acts as a sort of sphincter, reducing the caliber of the isthmus of fauces at the palatopharyngeal arch. SYN: fasciculus posterior musculi palatopharyngei [TA], musculus sphincter palatopharyngeus, palatopharyngeal sphincter, pharyngeal ridge, sphincter of the pharyngeal isthmus, velopharyngeal sphincter.

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fas·ci·cle 'fas-i-kəl n a small bundle esp FASCICULUS
fas·ci·cled -kəld adj

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fas·ci·cle (fasґĭ-kəl) fasciculus.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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