A sickle-shaped structure. [L. sickle]
- f. aponeurotica SYN: inguinal f..
- cerebellar f. f. cerebelli.
- f. cerebelli [TA] a short process of dura mater projecting forward from the internal occipital crest below the tentorium; it occupies the posterior cerebellar notch and the vallecula, and bifurcates below into two diverging limbs passing to either side of the foramen magnum. SYN: cerebellar f., falcula.
- cerebral f. f. cerebri.
- f. cerebri [TA] the scythe-shaped fold of dura mater in the longitudinal fissure between the two cerebral hemispheres; it is attached anteriorly to the crista galli of the ethmoid bone and caudally to the upper surface of the tentorium. SYN: cerebral f..
- inguinal f. [TA] common tendon of insertion of the transversus and internal oblique muscles into the crest and tubercle of the pubis and iliopectineal line; it is frequently largely muscular rather than aponeurotic and may be poorly developed; forms posterior wall of medial inguinal canal. SYN: f. inguinalis [TA], conjoint tendon, tendo conjunctivus, conjoined tendon, f. aponeurotica, inguinal aponeurotic fold.
- f. inguinalis [TA] SYN: inguinal f..
- f. septi SYN: valve of foramen ovale.

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falx 'falks, 'fȯlks n, pl fal·ces 'fal-.sēz, 'fȯl- a sickle-shaped part or structure: as

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n. (pl. falces)
a sickle-shaped fold of the dura mater that dips inwards from the skull in the midline, between the cerebral hemispheres.

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(falks) pl. falґces [L. “sickle”] a general term in anatomical nomenclature for a sickle-shaped organ or structure. falcial adj

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