Originating or produced outside of the organism. SYN: ectogenous, exogenetic. [exo- + G. -gen, production]

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ex·og·e·nous ek-'säj-ə-nəs also ex·o·gen·ic .ek-sō-'jen-ik adj
1) growing from or on the outside <\exogenous spores>
2) caused by factors (as food or a traumatic factor) or an agent (as a disease-producing organism) from outside the organism or system <\exogenous obesity> <\exogenous psychic depression>
3) introduced from or produced outside the organism or system specif not synthesized within the organism or system compare ENDOGENOUS
ex·og·e·nous·ly adv

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originating outside the body or part of the body: applied particularly to substances in the body that are derived from the diet rather than built up by the body's own processes of metabolism. Compare endogenous.

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ex·og·e·nous (ek-sojґə-nəs) [exo- + -genous] 1. developed or originating outside the organism, such as a disease or infection. Called also ectogenous and exogenic. 2. growing by additions to the outside.

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