A volatile colorless liquid of ammoniacal odor and caustic taste; the dihydrochloride is used as a urinary acidifier. Combined with theophylline to make aminophylline, a water-soluble salt suitable for intravenous or rectal administration. SYN: ethanediamine.

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eth·yl·ene·di·amine .eth-ə-.lēn-'dī-ə-.mēn, -dī-'am-ən n a colorless volatile liquid base C2H8N2 that has an ammoniacal odor and is used chiefly as a solvent, in organic synthesis, and in medicine to stabilize aminophylline when used in injections

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eth·y·lene·di·a·mine (eth″ə-lēn-diґə-mēn) [USP] a clear, colorless or slightly yellow liquid with an ammonialike odor and a strong alkaline reaction; complexed with theophylline it forms aminophylline.

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