The formation of red blood cells. SYN: erythrocytopoiesis. [erythrocyte + G. poiesis, a making]

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eryth·ro·poi·e·sis i-.rith-rō-pȯi-'ē-səs n, pl -e·ses -.sēz the production of red blood cells (as from the bone marrow) called also erythrocytopoiesis, erythrogenesis
eryth·ro·poi·et·ic -'et-ik adj

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the process of red blood cell (erythrocyte) production, which normally occurs in the blood-forming tissue of the bone marrow. The ultimate precursor of the red cell is the haemopoietic stem cell, but the earliest precursor that can be identified microscopically is the proerythroblast. This divides and passes through a series of stages of maturation termed respectively early, intermediate, and late normoblast, the latter finally losing its nucleus to become a mature red cell. See also haemopoiesis.

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eryth·ro·poi·e·sis (ə-rith″ro-poi-eґsis) [erythro- + -poiesis] the production of erythrocytes; in the fetus and neonate it takes place in the spleen and bone marrow, but in older individuals it is confined to the bone marrow. Called also erythrocytopoiesis and erythrogenesis.

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