The presence of erythroblasts in considerable number in the blood. [erythroblast + -osis, condition]
- fetal e. SYN: e. fetalis.
- e. fetalis a grave hemolytic anemia that, in most instances, results from development in an Rh-negative mother of anti-Rh antibody in response to the Rh factor in the (Rh-positive) fetal blood; it is characterized by many erythroblasts in the circulation, and often generalized edema (hydrops fetalis) and enlargement of the liver and spleen; the disease is sometimes caused by antibodies for antigens other than Rh. SYN: anemia neonatorum, congenital anemia, fetal e., hemolytic anemia of newborn, hemolytic disease of newborn, neonatal anemia, Rh antigen incompatibility.

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eryth·ro·blas·to·sis -.blas-'tō-səs n, pl -to·ses -.sēz abnormal presence of erythroblasts in the circulating blood esp ERYTHROBLASTOSIS FETALIS

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the presence in the blood of the nucleated precursors of the red blood cells (erythroblast). This may occur when there is an increase in the rate of red cell production, as in haemorrhagic or haemolytic anaemia, or in infiltrations of the bone marrow by tumours, etc.

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eryth·ro·blas·to·sis (ə-rith″ro-blas-toґsis) 1. the presence in the peripheral blood of abnormally large numbers of erythroblasts (nucleated red cells); called also erythroblastemia. 2. one of the avian leukosis complex of diseases, a condition of fowl marked by increased erythroblasts in the circulating blood, with weakness, pallor, diarrhea, and spontaneous hemorrhages. Called also erythroid leukosis and erythroleukosis.

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