The 4-carbon sugar alcohol obtained by the reduction of erythrose, notable for its sweetness (twice that of sucrose); found in lichens, algae, and fungi. SYN: erythrite, erythrol.

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eryth·ri·tol i-'rith-rə-.tȯl, -.tōl n a sweet crystalline alcohol C4H10O4 obtained esp. from lichens, algae, and yeast or made by reduction of erythrose called also erythrol

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eryth·ri·tol (ə-rithґrĭ-tol) a four-carbon sugar formed from erythrose by reduction of the carbonyl group and occurring in algae, lichens, grasses, and several fungi; it is about twice as sweet as sucrose and is used as a low-calorie sweetener.

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