A specific, usually self-limiting, cellulitis of the hand caused by Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae; appears as a dusky erythema with diamondlike configuration of the skin at the site of a wound sustained in handling fish or meat and may become generalized, with plaques of erythema and bullae, and occasionally, severe toxemia. SYN: blubber finger, crab hand, pseudoerysipelas, seal fingers, whale fingers. [G. erysipelas + eidos, resemblance]

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er·y·sip·e·loid .er-ə-'sip-(ə-).lȯid, .ir- n an acute dermatitis resembling erysipelas that is caused by the bacterium of the genus Erysipelothrix (E. rhusiopathiae) that causes swine erysipelas, is typically marked by usu. painful reddish purple lesions esp. on the hands, and that is contracted by direct contact with infected animal flesh
erysipeloid adj resembling erysipelas

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an infection of the skin and underlying tissues with Erysipelothrix, developing usually in people handling fish, poultry, or meat. Infection enters through scratches or cuts on the hands, and is normally confined to a finger or hand, which becomes reddened; sometimes systemic illness develops. Treatment is with penicillin.

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er·y·sip·e·loid (er″ə-sipґə-loid) [erysipelas + -oid] 1. bacterial cellulitis due to infection with Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae, usually occurring as an occupational disease associated with the handling of infected fish, shellfish, meat, or poultry. It presents in three forms: a localized form, usually self-limited and mild, manifested by an erythematous and painful swelling at the site of inoculation, which spreads peripherally with central clearing; a generalized or diffuse form, which may be accompanied by fever and arthritis symptoms and resolves spontaneously; and a rare systemic form associated with endocarditis that is sometimes fatal. 2. loosely, erysipelas-like.

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