A specific, acute, superficial cutaneous cellulitis caused by β-hemolytic streptococci and characterized by hot, red, edematous, brawny, and sharply defined eruptions; usually accompanied by severe constitutional symptoms. [G., fr. erythros, red + pella, skin]
- ambulant e. SYN: e. migrans.
- e. internum an erysipelatous eruption in the vagina, uterus, and peritoneum, occurring in the puerperium.
- e. migrans a widely spreading form involving the entire face or body surface. SYN: ambulant e., wandering e..
- e. perstans faciei chronic, dusky red eruption of e. on the face.
- phlegmonous e. a form marked by invasion of the subcutaneous tissues, with the formation of deep-seated abscesses.
- e. pustulosum development of pustules over the area of e..
- surgical e. e. caused by infection of the wound following a surgical procedure.
- swine e. a destructive disease of swine, occurring in both acute and chronic forms, caused by Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae.
- wandering e. SYN: e. migrans.

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er·y·sip·e·las .er-ə-'sip-(ə-)ləs, .ir- n
1) an acute febrile disease that is associated with intense often vesicular and edematous local inflammation of the skin and subcutaneous tissues and that is caused by a hemolytic streptococcus
2) SWINE ERYSIPELAS used esp. when the disease affects hosts other than swine

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a streptococcal infection of the skin, especially the face, characterized by redness and swelling; it usually has a sharply defined margin, which can differentiate erysipelas from the otherwise similar cellulitis. The patient is ill, with a high temperature. penicillin V is the treatment of choice.

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er·y·sip·e·las (er″ə-sipґə-ləs) [Gr. erythros red + pella skin] an acute superficial form of cellulitis involving the dermal lymphatics, usually caused by infection with group A streptococci. Characteristics include a peripherally spreading hot, bright red, edematous, brawny, infiltrated plaque with a circumscribed, raised, indurated border. Formerly called St. Anthony fire. erysipelatous adj

Erysipelas with characteristic sharply defined erythema and edema.

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