Dentin is the hard tissue of the tooth surrounding the central core of nerves and blood vessels (pulp).
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SYN: dentine. [L. dens, tooth]
- hereditary opalescent d. 1. SYN: dentinogenesis imperfecta. 2. SYN: opalescent d..
- hypersensitive d. exposed d., usually at the cervical portion of a tooth, painful to touch, sweetness, or temperature changes.
- interglobular d. imperfectly calcified matrix of d. situated between the calcified globules near the dentinal periphery.
- irregular d., irritation d. SYN: tertiary d..
- opalescent d. d. usually associated with dentinogenesis imperfecta. It gives an unusual opalescent or translucent appearance to the teeth. SYN: hereditary opalescent d. (2).
- peritubular d. an electron-dense layer of d. observed adjacent to the odontoblastic process.
- primary d. d. which forms until the root is completed.
- reparative d. SYN: tertiary d..
- sclerotic d. d. characterized by calcification of the dentinal tubules as a result of injury or normal aging. SYN: transparent d..
- secondary d. d. formed by normal pulp function after root end formation is complete.
- tertiary d. morphologically irregular d. formed in response to an irritant. SYN: irregular d., irritation d., reparative d..
- transparent d. SYN: sclerotic d..
- vascular d. SYN: vasodentin.

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den·tin 'dent-ən or den·tine 'den-.tēn, den-'tēn n a calcareous material similar to bone but harder and denser that composes the principal mass of a tooth, is formed by the odontoblasts of the surface of the dental papilla, and consists of a matrix containing minute parallel tubules which open into the pulp cavity and during life contain processes of the cells of the pulp compare CEMENTUM, ENAMEL
den·tin·al 'dent-ən-əl; 'den-.tēn-əl, den-' adj

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den·tin (denґtin) [L. dens tooth] the hard portion of the tooth surrounding the pulp, covered by enamel on the crown and cementum on the root, which is harder and denser than bone but softer than enamel. Called also dentinum [TA]. Sometimes spelled dentine. dentinal adj

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