1. An increase in size; an anatomic swelling, e., or prominence. 2. An intumescence or swelling. SYN: intumescentia [TA], intumescence (1).
- cervical e. [TA] a spindle-shaped swelling of the spinal cord extending from the third cervical to the second thoracic vertebra, with maximum thickness opposite the fifth or sixth cervical vertebra, consequential to the innervation of the upper limb. SYN: intumescentia cervicalis [TA], cervical e. of spinal cord.
- cervical e. of spinal cord SYN: cervical e..
- choroid e. [TA] the enlarged portion of the choroid plexus located in the atrium of the lateral ventricle; may become partially calcified with age. SEE ALSO: choroid glomus. SYN: glomus choroideum [TA], choroid glomus, choroid skein.
- gingival e. an overgrowth (localized or diffuse) of gingival tissue, nonspecific in nature. SEE ALSO: gingival hyperplasia.
- lumbosacral e. [TA] a spindle-shaped swelling of the spinal cord beginning at the level of the tenth thoracic vertebra and tapering into the medullary cone, with maximum thickness opposite the last thoracic vertebra, consequential to the innervation of the lower limb. SYN: intumescentia lumbosacralis [TA], lumbosacral e. of spinal cord.
- tympanic e. [TA] a swelling, not ganglionic, on the tympanic branch of the glossopharyngeus nerve; it is regarded as possibly similar to the carotid glomus. SEE ALSO: tympanic ganglion. SYN: intumescentia tympanica [TA], tympanic intumescence.
- e. of the vestibular aqueduct recessive hereditary hearing impairment associated with a large vestibular aqueduct.

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en·large·ment in-'lärj-mənt n an act or instance of enlarging: the state of being enlarged <\enlargement of the heart>

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en·large·ment (en-lahrjґmənt) 1. an increase in the size of an organ or part; see hypertrophy and hyperplasia. 2. in anatomy, a prominence or swelling; an intumescence.

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