- abacterial thrombotic e. SYN: nonbacterial thrombotic e..
- acute bacterial e. a type of severe bacterial e. caused by pyogenic organisms such as hemolytic streptococci or staphylococci.
- atypical verrucous e. SYN: Libman-Sacks e..
- bacterial e. e. caused by the direct invasion of bacteria and leading to deformity and destruction of the valve leaflets. Two types are acute bacterial e. and subacute bacterial e..
- cachectic e. SYN: nonbacterial thrombotic e..
- e. chordalis e. affecting particularly the chordae tendineae.
- constrictive e. thickening of the endocardium due to inflammation of any origin that restricts the diastolic relaxation of one or both ventricles producing diastolic ventricular failure, e.g., Löffler fibroplastic e..
- infectious e., infective e. e. due to infection by microorganisms.
- isolated parietal e. fibrous thickening of the endocardium of the left ventricle without valvular involvement.
- Libman-Sacks e. verrucous e. sometimes associated with disseminated lupus erythematosus. SYN: atypical verrucous e., Libman-Sacks syndrome, nonbacterial verrucous e..
- Löffler e. fibroplastic constrictive parietal e. with eosinophilia, an e. of obscure cause characterized by progressive congestive heart failure, multiple systemic emboli, and eosinophilia. SYN: Löffler disease, Löffler syndrome (2).
- Löffler parietal fibroplastic e. sclerosis of the endocardium in the presence of a high eosinophile count.
- malignant e. acute bacterial e., usually secondary to suppuration elsewhere and running a fulminating course. SYN: septic e..
- marantic e. nonbacterial thrombotic e. associated with cancer and other debilitating diseases. Cf.:terminal e..
- mural e. inflammation of the endocardium involving the walls of the chambers of the heart.
- mycotic e. e. due to infection by fungi.
- nonbacterial thrombotic e. verrucous endocardial lesions occurring in the terminal stages of many chronic infectious and wasting diseases. SYN: abacterial thrombotic e., cachectic e., terminal e., thromboendocarditis.
- nonbacterial verrucous e. SYN: Libman-Sacks e..
- polypous e. bacterial e. with the formation of pedunculated masses of fibrin, or thrombi, attached to the ulcerated valves.
- rheumatic e. endocardial involvement as part of rheumatic heart disease, recognized clinically by valvular involvement; in the acute stage, there may be tiny fibrin vegetations along the lines of closure of the valve leaflets, with subsequent fibrous thickening and shortening of the leaflets.
- septic e. SYN: malignant e..
- subacute bacterial e. (SBE) e. of less acuity than acute bacterial e..
- terminal e. SYN: nonbacterial thrombotic e..
- valvular e. inflammation confined to the endocardium of the valves.
- vegetative e., verrucous e. e. associated with the presence of fibrinous clots (vegetations) forming on the ulcerated surfaces of the valves.

* * *

en·do·car·di·tis .en-dō-.kär-'dīt-əs n inflammation of the lining of the heart and its valves

* * *

inflammation of the lining of the heart cavity (endocardium) and valves. It is most often due to rheumatic fever or results from bacterial infection (bacterial endocarditis). Temporary or permanent damage to the heart valves may result. The main features are fever, changing heart murmurs, heart failure, and embolism. Treatment consists of rest and antibiotics; surgery may be required to repair damaged heart valves.

* * *

en·do·car·di·tis (en″do-kahr-diґtis) [endocardium + -itis] exudative and proliferative inflammatory alterations of the endocardium, usually characterized by the presence of vegetations on the surface of the endocardium or in the endocardium itself, and most commonly involving a heart valve, but sometimes affecting the inner lining of the cardiac chambers or the endocardium elsewhere. It may occur as a primary disorder or as a complication of or in association with another disease. endocarditic adj

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