Shedding of hair. SEE ALSO: defluxion (1). [L. a flowing out, fr. ef-fluo, to flow out]
- anagen e. sudden diffuse hair shedding with cancer chemotherapy or radiation, usually reversible when treatment ends.
- telogen e. increased transient shedding of normal club hairs by premature development of telogen in anagen follicles, resulting from various kinds of stress, e.g., childbirth, shock, drug intake or cessation of an oral contraceptive, fever, and dieting with marked weight loss.

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ef·flu·vi·um e-'flü-vē-əm n, pl -via -vē-ə or -vi·ums an invisible emanation esp an offensive exhalation or smell the form effluvia often used with a singular verb

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ef·flu·vi·um (ə-flooґve-əm) pl. effluґvia [L. “a flowing out”] 1. a shedding, especially of the hair; cf. alopecia. 2. effluent.

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