Symbol for elementary charge; base of natural, or Napierian, logarithms (2.71828...). It is the limit of 1 + (1/n!).
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air dose; cortisone [compound E]; each; eating; edema; effects variable; elastance; electric charge; electric field vector; electrode potential; electromotive force; electron; embyro; emmetropia; encephalitis; endangered [animal]; endogenous; endoplasm; enema; energy; Entamoeba; enterococcus; enzyme; eosinophil; epicondyle; epinephrine; epithelium/epithelial; error; erythrocyte; erythroid; erythromycin; Escherichia; esophagus; ester; estradiol; ethanol; ethyl; examination; exhalation; expectancy [wave]; expected frequency in a cell of a contingency table; experiment, experimenter; expiration; expired air; exposure; external control [pacemaker]; extract, extracted, extraction; extraction fraction; extralymphatic; eye; glutamic acid; internal energy; kinetic energy; mathematical expectation; redox potential; unit [Ger. Einheit]

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1) emmetropia
2) enema
3) enzyme
4) experimenter
5) eye

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enzyme; exa-.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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