1. Impairment of sensation short of anesthesia. 2. A condition in which a disagreeable sensation is produced by ordinary stimuli; caused by lesions of the sensory pathways, peripheral or central. 3. Abnormal sensations experienced in the absence of stimulation. [G. dysaisthesia, fr. dys-, hard, difficult, + aisthesis, sensation]

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dys·es·the·sia or chiefly Brit dys·aes·the·sia .dis-es-'thē-zh(ē-)ə n impairment of sensitivity esp. to touch
dys·es·thet·ic or chiefly Brit dys·aes·thet·ic -'thet-ik adj

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dys·es·the·sia (dis″es-theґzhə) [dys- + esthesia] 1. distortion of any sense, especially of that of touch. See also paraphia. 2. an unpleasant abnormal sensation produced by normal stimuli. Cf. paresthesia. dysesthetic adj

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