Abnormal functioning of the autonomic nervous system. [dys- + G. autonomia, self-government]
- familial d. [MIM*223900] a congenital syndrome with specific disturbances of the nervous system and aberrations in autonomic nervous system function such as indifference to pain, diminished lacrimation, poor vasomotor homeostasis, motor incoordination, labile cardiovascular reactions, hyporeflexia, frequent attacks of bronchial pneumonia, hypersalivation with aspiration and difficulty in swallowing, hyperemesis, emotional instability, and an intolerance for anesthetics; autosomal recessive inheritance. Mapped to human chromosome 9q31–q33. SYN: Riley-Day syndrome.

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dys·au·to·no·mia .dis-.ȯt-ə-'nō-mē-ə n a disorder of the autonomic nervous system that causes disturbances in all or some autonomic functions and may result from the course of a disease (as diabetes) or from injury or poisoning esp FAMILIAL DYSAUTONOMIA
dys·au·to·nom·ic -'näm-ik adj

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dys·au·to·no·mia (dis″aw-to-noґme-ə) [dys- + Gr. autonomia autonomy] malfunction of the autonomic nervous system.

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