A minute duct. SYN: ductulus.
- aberrant ductules [TA] the superior or inferior diverticula of the epididymis. SYN: ductuli aberrantes [TA], aberrant ducts, ductus aberrantes, vasa aberrantia.
- biliary ductules the excretory ducts of the liver that connect the interlobular ductules to the right (or left) hepatic duct. SYN: canalicular ducts (2), ductuli biliferi, ductus biliferi, tubuli biliferi.
- efferent ductules of testis [TA] 12–14 small seminal ducts leading from the testis to the head of the epididymis. SYN: ductuli efferentes testis [TA], efferent duct, vas efferens (3).
- excretory ductules of lacrimal gland SYN: excretory ducts of lacrimal gland, under duct.
- inferior aberrant d. [TA] a narrow, coiled tubule frequently connected to the first part of the ductus deferens or to the lower part of the ductus epididymitis. SYN: ductulus aberrans inferior [TA], Haller vas aberrans.
- interlobular ductules bile ductules occupying portal canals between hepatic lobules that open into the ductuli biliferi. SYN: ductuli interlobulares.
- prostatic ductules [TA] about 20 minute canals that receive the prostatic secretion from the glandular tubules and discharge it through openings on either side of the urethral crest in the posterior wall of the urethra. SYN: ductuli prostatici [TA], ductus prostatici, prostatic ducts.
- superior aberrant d. [TA] a diverticulum from the head of the epididymis. SYN: ductulus aberrans superior [TA].
- transverse ductules of epoöphoron [TA] a series of 10–15 short tubules that open into the longitudinal duct of the epoöphoron and represent vestiges of the mesonephric duct. SYN: ductuli transversi epoöphori [TA], tubuli epoöphori.

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duct·ule 'dək-(.)t(y)ü(ə)l n a small duct

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a small duct or channel.

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duct·ule (dukґtūl) a minute duct; called also ductulus.

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