1. To remove fluid from a cavity as it forms, e.g., to d. an abscess. 2. A device, usually in the shape of a tube or wick, for removing fluid as it collects in a cavity, especially a wound cavity. [A. S. drehnian, to draw off]
- cigarette d. a wick of gauze wrapped in a thin, soft rubberlike material, providing capillary drainage.
- Mikulicz d. a d. made of several strings of gauze held together by a single layer of gauze.
- Penrose d. a soft, tubular, rubberlike d..
- stab d. a d. passed into a cavity through a puncture made at a dependent part away from the wound of operation, designed to prevent infection of the wound.
- sump d. a d. consisting of an outer tube vented to the outside with a smaller tube within it which is attached to a suction pump; both have multiple perforations that allow fluid and air to be carried away through the suction tube.

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drain 'drān vt
1 a) to draw off (liquid) gradually or completely <\drain pus from an abscess>
b) to exhaust physically or emotionally
2) to carry away or give passage to a bodily fluid or a discharge from <\drain an abscess> <the eustachian tube \drains the middle ear (H. G. Armstrong)> vi to flow off gradually <blood \draining from a wound>
drain n a tube or cylinder usu. of absorbent material for drainage of a wound see CIGARETTE DRAIN

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1. n. a device, usually a tube or wick, used to draw fluid from an internal body cavity to the surface. A drain is sometimes inserted during an operation to ensure that any fluid formed immediately passes to the surface, so preventing an accumulation that may become infected or cause pressure in the operation site. Negative pressure (suction) can be applied through a tube drain to increase its effectiveness.
2. vb. see drainage.

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(drān) any device by which a channel or open area may be established for the exit of fluids or purulent material from any cavity, wound, or infected area.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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