An abnormal and persistent fear of flying. Sufferers experience severe anxiety even though they usually realize that the flying does not pose a threat commensurate with their fear. Aerophobia also means an irrational fear of fresh air or drafts of air. Derived from the Greek "aero-", air or gas + "phobos", fear = literally, fear of air.
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Morbid dread of fresh air or of air in motion. [aero- + G. phobos, fear]

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aero·pho·bia .ar-ō-'fō-bē-ə, .er- n abnormal or excessive fear of drafts or of fresh air
aero·pho·bic -bik adj

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aero·pho·bia (ār-o-foґbe-ə) [aero- + -phobia] irrational fear of drafts or fresh air, often connected with the idea of harmful airborne influences.

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