divalproex sodium

divalproex sodium
Pentanoic acid, 2-propyl-, sodium salt (2:1); an anticonvulsant used in absence seizures and related seizure disorders. Derived from valproic acid.

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di·val·pro·ex sodium .dī-'val-prō-eks-, -.val-'prō- n a coordination compound of valproate and valproic acid that is used esp. to treat manic episodes of bipolar disorder and absence seizures of epilepsy called also divalproex see depakote

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di·val·pro·ex so·di·um (di-valґpro-eks) [USP] a coordination compound of valproate sodium and valproic acid in a 1:1 molar relationship, used in the treatment of manic episodes associated with bipolar disorder and epileptic seizures, particularly absence seizures, and the prophylaxis of migraine; administered orally.

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