Excretion of urine; commonly denotes production of unusually large volumes of urine. [G. dia, throughout, completely, + ouresis, urination]
- alcohol d. d. following the ingestion of alcoholic beverages; due, in part, to inhibition of the output of antidiuretic hormone by the neurohypophysis.
- osmotic d. d. due to a high concentration of osmotically active substances in the renal tubules ( e.g., urea, sodium sulfate), which limit the reabsorption of water.
- water d. d. following the drinking of water; due to reduced secretion of the antidiuretic hormone of the neurohypophysis in response to the lowered osmotic pressure of the blood.

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di·ure·sis .dī-(y)ə-'rē-səs n, pl di·ure·ses -.sēz an increased excretion of urine

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increased secretion of urine by the kidneys. This normally follows the drinking of more fluid than the body requires, but it can be stimulated by the administration of a diuretic.

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di·ure·sis (di″u-reґsis) pl. diureґses [Gr. diourein to urinate, to pass in urine] increased excretion of urine. Cf. polyuria.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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