Widely scattered throughout an organ, tissue, or the body. [L. dissemino, pp. -atus, to scatter seed, fr. semen (-min-), seed]

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dis·sem·i·nat·ed dis-'em-ə-.nāt-əd adj widely dispersed in a tissue, organ, or the entire body <\disseminated cutaneous leishmaniasis> <\disseminated gonococcal disease>
dis·sem·i·na·tion -.em-ə-'nā-shən n

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widely distributed in an organ (or organs) or in the whole body. The term may refer to disease organisms or to pathological changes.

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dis·sem·i·nat·ed (dĭ-semґĭ-nāt″əd) [dis- + seminare to sow] scattered; distributed over a considerable area.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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