The act of dissecting. SYN: anatomy (3) [TA], necrotomy (1).
- aortic d. a pathologic process, characterized by splitting of the media layer of the aorta, which leads to formation of a dissecting aneurysm. Classified according to location as follows: type I involves the ascending aorta, transverse arch, and distal aorta; type II is confined to the ascending aorta; type III extends distally in the descending aorta usually from a starting point just distal to the left subclaviar artery.
- functional neck d. operation to remove metastases to the lymph node s of the neck; differs from a radical neck d. by preserving any of the following structures: the sternocleidomastoid muscle, the spinal accessory nerve, and the internal jugular vein. SYN: limited neck d..
- limited neck d. SYN: functional neck d..
- radical neck d. an operation for the removal of metastases to the lymph node s of the neck in which all of the tissue is removed between the superficial and the deep cervical fascia from the mandible to the clavicle. SEE ALSO: functional neck d..

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dis·sec·tion dis-'ek-shən; dī-'sek-, 'dī-. n
1) the act or process of dissecting or separating: as
a) the surgical removal along natural lines of cleavage of tissues which are or might become diseased
b) the digital separation of tissues (as in heart-valve operations) compare FINGER FRACTURE
c) a pathological splitting or separation of tissue see AORTIC DISSECTION
2 a) something (as a part or the whole of an animal) that has been dissected
b) an anatomical specimen prepared in this way

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the cutting apart and separation of the body tissues along the natural divisions of the organs and different tissues in the course of an operation. Dissection of corpses is carried out for the study of anatomy.

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dis·sec·tion (dĭ-sekґshən) [L. dissectio] 1. the act of dissecting. 2. a part or whole of an organism prepared by dissecting.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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