- genetic d. a state in the genetic composition of a population which under selection may be expected to change toward an equilibrium or absorbing state.
- linkage d. a state involving two loci in which the probability of a joint gamete is not equal to the product of the probabilities of the constituent genes. The difference between these quantities is the increase of the d.; there are many causes of the d..

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dis·equi·lib·ri·um (.)dis-.ē-kwə-'lib-rē-əm, -.ek-wə- n, pl -ri·ums or -ria -rē-ə loss or lack of equilibrium <ionic \disequilibrium in a resting nerve cell> <emotional \disequilibrium>

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dis·equi·lib·ri·um (dis-e″kwĭ-libґre-əm) dysequilibrium.

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