1. Resembling a disk. 2. In dentistry, an excavating or carving instrument having a circular blade with a cutting edge around the periphery. [disco- + G. eidos, appearance]

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dis·coid 'dis-.kȯid adj
1) resembling a disk: being flat and circular <the red blood cell is a biconcave \discoid body>
2) characterized by macules <\discoid lupus erythematosus>
discoid n an instrument with a disk-shaped blade used in dentistry for carving

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dis·coid (disґkoid) [disc- + -oid] 1. shaped like a disk. 2. a dental instrument with a circular blade around the entire periphery except where it meets the shank; used to carve dental restorations. 3. a disk-shaped dental excavator designed to remove the carious dentin of a decayed tooth.

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