A hydrolase catalyzing the hydrolysis of a dipeptide to its constituent amino acid s.
- methionyl d. a hydrolase catalyzing the hydrolysis of an l-methionyl-amino acid to l-methionine and an amino acid.

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di·pep·ti·dase dī-'pep-tə-.dās, -.dāz n any of various enzymes that hydrolyze dipeptides but not polypeptides

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an enzyme, found in digestive juices, that splits certain products of protein digestion (dipeptides) into their constituent amino acids. The latter are then absorbed by the body.

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di·pep·ti·dase (di-pepґtĭ-dās) [EC 3.4.13] any member of a sub-subclass of enzymes of the hydrolase class that catalyze the cleavage of the peptide linkage in a dipeptide.

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