Displacement of some portion of a developing tooth which is then further developed in its new relation, resulting in a tooth with sharply angulated root(s). [L. di-lacero, pp. laceratus, to tear in pieces, fr. lacer, mangled]

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di·lac·er·a·tion (.)dī-.las-ə-'rā-shən n injury (as partial fracture) to a developing tooth that results in a curve in the long axis as development continues
di·lac·er·at·ed -'las-ə-.rā-təd adj

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a condition affecting some teeth after traumatic injury, in which the incomplete root continues to form at an abnormal angle to the part already formed. In severe cases it may be necessary to remove the tooth.

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di·lac·er·a·tion (di-las″ər-aґshən) [L. dilaceratio] 1. a tearing apart, as of a cataract; see discission. 2. in dentistry, a condition due to injury to a tooth during its developmental period and characterized by a crease or band at the junction of the crown and root, or by tortuous roots with abnormal curvatures.


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