Symmetrical conjoined twins with two separate heads. See conjoined twins, under twin. SYN: bicephalus, diplocephalus. [G. di-, two, + kephale, head]
- d. diauchenos a d. with separate necks. SYN: derodidymus.
- d. dipus dibrachius a d. in which there are only two arms and two legs for a body with two axes.
- d. dipus tetrabrachius a d. with two legs and four separate arms.
- d. dipus tribrachius a d. with two legs and three arms.
- d. dipygus SYN: anakatadidymus. See conjoined twins, under twin.
- d. monauchenos a d. in which union involves the cervical region so that the two heads are on a single neck.

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di·ceph·a·lus (')dī-'sef-ə-ləs n, pl -a·li -.lī a teratological fetus having two distinct heads

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di·ceph·a·lus (di-sefґə-ləs) [di- + -cephalus] a fetus with two heads.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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