Diglyceride; glycerol with two esterified acyl moieties, either 1,3-d. or 1,2-d.; if the two acyl groups are nonidentical, there are four possible stereoisomers; 1,2-d. is an intermediate in the synthesis of triacylglycerols and of lecithin; also serves as a second messenger in stimulating the activity of protein kinase C.
- d. acyltransferase an enzyme, in fat biosynthesis, that catalyzes the transfer of an acyl moiety from acyl-CoA to 1,2-d. thus forming free coenzyme A and triacylglycerol.

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di·acyl·glyc·er·ol (DAG) (di-a″səl-glisґər-ol) a diester of glycerol in which two fatty acids are linked to its hydroxyl groups, usually at positions 1 and 2. Diacylglycerols are triglyceride and phospholipid degradation products and are second messengers in calcium-mediated responses to hormones, activating protein kinase C isozymes.

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