Nonspecific term used to denote any cutaneous abnormality or eruption. [dermato- + G. -osis, condition]
- acute febrile neutrophilic d. a rare d., predominant in women, of rapid onset and characterized by plaquelike lesions, usually multiple, on the face, neck, and upper extremities, accompanied by conjunctivitis, mucosal lesions, fever, malaise, arthralgia, and peripheral blood neutrophilia in many cases; biopsy reveals polymorphonuclear infiltrate of the dermis; rapid remission occurs with systemic steroid therapy. SYN: Sweet disease.
- ashy d. SYN: erythema dyschromicum perstans.
- Bowen precancerous d. SYN: Bowen disease.
- chronic bullous d. of childhood a rare, self-limiting bullous disease, chiefly of the trunk, perioral, and pelvic areas, with onset in the first decade, successively less severe recurrences, and total remission at adolescence; linear epidermal basement membrane zone deposit of IgA is found in involved and in normal skin. SYN: linear IgA bullous disease in children.
- dermolytic bullous d. SYN: epidermolysis bullosa dystrophica.
- digitate d. See parapsoriasis en plaque. SYN: small plaque parapsoriasis.
- juvenile plantar d. a painful dermatitis, occurring primarily in children, that causes the plantar skin to appear glazed and fissured; may be associated with hyperhidrosis.
- lichenoid d. any chronic skin eruption, characterized clinically by induration and thickening of the skin with accentuation of skin markings, and microscopically by a bandlike lymphocytic infiltration of the papillary dermis.
- d. medicamentosa SYN: drug eruption.
- d. papulosa nigra dark brown papular lesions, observed in blacks, on the face and upper trunk; histologically and clinically, they resemble seborrheic keratoses.
- pigmented purpuric lichenoid d. an eruption comprised of lichenoid papules variously pigmented from the hemosiderin of the associated purpura; found on the legs, usually in men over 40 years of age. SYN: Gougerot and Blum disease.
- progressive pigmentary d. chronic purpura, especially of the legs in men, spreading to form red-brown patches and puncta described as cayenne pepper spots; associated microscopically with perivascular lymphocytic infiltration, diapedesis, and hemosiderosis. SYN: Schamberg fever.
- radiation d. skin changes at the site of ionizing radiation, particularly erythema in the acute stage, temporary or permanent epilation, and chronic changes in the epidermis and dermis resembling actinic keratosis, from which squamous cell carcinoma may develop.
- subcorneal pustular d. a pruritic chronic annular eruption of sterile vesicles and pustules beneath the stratum corneum. SYN: Sneddon-Wilkinson disease, subcorneal pustular dermatitis.
- transient acantholytic d. a pruritic papular eruption, with histologic suprabasal acantholysis, of the chest, with scattered lesions of the back and lateral aspects of the extremities, lasting from a few weeks to several months; seen predominantly in males over 40. SYN: Grover disease.

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der·ma·to·sis .dər-mə-'tō-səs n, pl -to·ses -.sēz a disease of the skin

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any disease of skin, particularly one without inflammation. In juvenile plantar dermatosis, which affects children up to the age of 14, the skin on the front of the sole becomes red, glazed, and symmetrically cracked. This condition, which settles spontaneously after a number of years, is believed to be related to the wearing of trainers.

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der·ma·to·sis (dur″mə-toґsis) pl. dermatoґses [dermat- + -osis] any skin disease, especially one not characterized by inflammation.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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