1. SYN: tooth. 2. A strong toothlike process projecting upward from the body of the axis, or epistropheus, around which the atlas rotates. SYN: d. axis [TA], odontoid process of epistropheus, odontoid process. [L.]
- dentes acustici [TA] SYN: acoustic teeth.
- d. angularis SYN: canine tooth.
- d. axis [TA] SYN: d. (2).
- d. bicuspidus, pl.dentes bicuspidi SYN: premolar tooth.
- d. caninus, pl.dentes canini [TA] SYN: canine tooth.
- d. cuspidatus, pl.dentes cuspidati SYN: canine tooth.
- d. deciduus, pl.dentes decidui [TA] SYN: deciduous tooth.
- d. in dente a developmental disturbance in tooth formation resulting from invagination of the epithelium associated with crown development into the area destined to become pulp space; after calcification there is an invagination of enamel and dentin into the pulp space, giving the radiographic appearance of a “tooth within a tooth.” SYN: d. invaginatus.
- d. incisivus, pl.dentes incisivi [TA] SYN: incisor tooth.
- d. invaginatus (denz in′va-ge-na′-tus) SYN: d. in dente. [Mediev. L. folded inward, fr. L. vagina, sheath]
- d. lacteus SYN: deciduous tooth.
- d. molaris, pl.dentes molares [TA] SYN: molar tooth. SEE ALSO: molar.
- d. molaris tertius [TA] SYN: third-year molar tooth.
- d. permanens, pl.dentes permanentes [TA] SYN: permanent tooth.
- d. premolaris, pl.dentes premolares [TA] SYN: premolar tooth.
- d. sapientiae SYN: third-year molar tooth. [L. sapientia, wisdom]
- d. serotinus third-year molar tooth.
- d. succedaneus SYN: permanent tooth.

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dens 'denz n, pl den·tes 'den-.tēz a toothlike process that projects from the anterior end of the centrum of the axis in the spinal column, serves as a pivot on which the atlas rotates, and is morphologically the centrum of the atlas though detached from that vertebra and more or less perfectly united with the next one behind called also odontoid process

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a tooth or tooth-shaped structure.

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(dens) pl. denґtes [L.] 1. [TA] tooth (q.v.): one of the small bonelike structures of the jaws. 2. d. axis. 3. a toothlike structure.

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