Passage of the fetus and the placenta from the genital canal into the external world.
- assisted cephalic d. extraction of a fetus that presents by the head.
- breech d. extraction or expulsion of a fetus that presents by the buttocks or feet.
- forceps d. assisted birth of the child by an instrument designed to grasp the fetal head.
- high forceps d. d. by forceps applied to the fetal head before engagement has taken place.
- low forceps d. d. by forceps applied to the fetal head at station ≥ +2 cm and not on the pelvic floor. This classification of forceps d. may be with or without rotation of the fetal head.
- midforceps d. d. by forceps applied to the fetal head at above +2 station, but after engagement has taken place.
- outlet forceps d. d. by forceps applied to the fetal head when it has reached the perineal floor and is visible between contractions.
- perimortem d. SYN: postmortem d..
- postmortem d. extraction of the fetus after the death of its mother. SYN: perimortem d..
- premature d. birth of a fetus between 20 and 37 weeks' gestation. SEE ALSO: premature birth.
- spontaneous cephalic d. unassisted expulsion of a fetus that presents by the head.

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de·liv·ery di-'liv-(ə-)rē n, pl -er·ies
1) the act of giving birth: the expulsion or extraction of a fetus and its membranes: PARTURITION
2) the procedure of assisting birth of the fetus and expulsion of the placenta by manual, instrumental, or surgical means

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de·liv·ery (de-livґər-e) 1. 1. the act of bringing or transporting something. 2. 2. expulsion or extraction of the child and the afterbirth; see also labor. 3. removal of a part, as the lens of the eye.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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