A bending or flexure. See angulation. SYN: curvatura. [L. curvatura, fr. curvo, pp. -atus, to bend, curve]
- angular c. a gibbous deformity, i.e., a sharp angulation of the spine, occurring in Pott disease. SYN: Pott c..
- anterior c. c. in which a more distal or cephalad part is deviated anteriorly with respect to the coronal anatomic plane.
- backward c. c. in which a more distal or cephalad part is deviated posteriorly with respect to the coronal anatomic plane. SYN: posterior c..
- gingival c. the rounding of the gum along its line of attachment to the neck of a tooth.
- greater c. of stomach [TA] the border of the stomach to which the greater omentum is attached. SYN: curvatura ventriculi major [TA].
- lateral c. c. in which a more distal part is deviated away from the anatomic sagittal plane, producing valgus alignment.
- lesser c. of stomach [TA] the right border of the stomach to which the lesser omentum is attached. SYN: curvatura ventriculi minor [TA].
- occlusal c. SYN: curve of occlusion.
- posterior c. SYN: backward c..
- Pott c. SYN: angular c..
- primary c. of vertebral column [TA] the ventrally concave curve of the fetal vertebral column, retained in the thoracic and sacral regions as the thoracic and sacral kyphoses. SEE ALSO: kyphosis. SYN: curvatura primaria columnae vertebralis [TA].
- secondary curvatures of vertebral column [TA] ventrally convex curves of the vertebral column that develop postnatally in the cervical and lumbar regions: the cervical and lumbar lordoses. SEE ALSO: lordosis. SYN: curvaturae secondariae columnae vertebralis [TA].

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cur·va·ture 'kər-və-.chu̇(ə)r, -chər, -.t(y)u̇(ə)r n
1) an abnormal curving (as of the spine) see KYPHOSIS, SCOLIOSIS
2) a curved surface of an organ (as the stomach) see GREATER CURVATURE, LESSER CURVATURE

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cur·va·ture (kurґvə-chər″) [L. curvatura] deviation from a rectilinear direction.

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