A genus of yeastlike fungi that reproduce by budding. [crypto- + G. kokkos, berry]
- C. neoformans a species that causes cryptococcosis in humans and other mammals, particularly the cat family. Cells are spherical and reproduce by budding; a prominent feature is a polysaccharide capsule. C. neoformans var. neoformans has a worldwide distribution and can often be isolated from weathered pigeon droppings. C. neoformans var. gattii causes cryptococcosis in subtropical and tropical climates. This variety has been isolated from foliage and litter of species of eucalyptus.

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cryp·to·coc·cus -'käk-əs n
1) cap a genus of budding imperfect fungi that resemble yeasts and include a number of saprophytes and a few serious pathogens
2) pl -coc·ci -'käk-.(s)ī, -(.)(s any fungus of the genus Cryptococcus
cryp·to·coc·cal -'käk-əl adj

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a genus of unicellular yeastlike fungi that cause disease in humans. They are found in soil (particularly when enriched with pigeon droppings), and they are common in pigeon roosts and nests. The species C. neoformans causes cryptococcosis.

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Cryp·to·coc·cus (krip″to-kokґəs) [crypto- + Gr. kokkos berry] a genus of yeastlike Fungi Imperfecti of the family Tremellaceae, which usually have a capsule and do not form pseudomycelia as do Candida species.

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