1. A painful muscle spasm caused by prolonged tetanic contraction. 2. A localized muscle spasm related to occupational use, qualified according to the occupation of the sufferer; e.g., seamstress's c., writer's c.. [M.E. crampe, fr. O.Fr., fr. Germanic]
- heat cramps muscle spasms induced by severe exertion in intense heat, accompanied by considerable pain; sometimes related to salt deficiency, hyperventilation, or overindulgence in alcohol. SYN: myalgia thermica.
- intermittent c. SYN: tetany.
- miner's cramps cramps caused by excessive salt loss through perspiration. SYN: stoker's cramps.
- musician's c. an occupational dystonia, affecting those who play on musical instruments, and named usually according to the instrument played upon.
- pianist's c., piano-player's c. an occupational dystonia affecting the muscles of the fingers and forearms in piano players.
- seamstress's c. an occupational dystonia occurring in the fingers of women who sew.
- shaving c. an occupational dystonia affecting the hands and fingers of barbers.
- stoker's cramps SYN: miner's cramps.
- tailor's c. an occupational dystonia affecting the forearms and hands of tailors.
- typist's c. an occupational dystonia affecting chiefly the long flexor muscles of the hands of typists.
- violinist's c. a occupational dystonia affecting the digits of the fingering hand, or sometimes the bowing arm, in violin players.
- waiter's c. an occupational dystonia characterized by spasm of the muscles of the back and dominant arm in persons who wait tables.
- watchmaker's c. an occupational dystonia characterized by spasm of the orbicularis palpebrarum muscle from holding the lens to the eye and spasm of the muscles of the hand from performing the delicate movements of watch repairing.
- writer's c. an occupation dystonia affecting chiefly the muscles of the thumb and two adjoining fingers of the writing hand, induced by excessive use of a writing instrument. SYN: dysgraphia (2), graphospasm, scrivener's palsy.

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cramp 'kramp n
1) a painful involuntary spasmodic contraction of a muscle <a \cramp in the leg>
2) a temporary paralysis of muscles from overuse see WRITER'S CRAMP
3 a) sharp abdominal pain usu. used in pl.
b) persistent and often intense though dull lower abdominal pain associated with dysmenorrhea usu. used in pl.
cramp vt to affect with or as if with a cramp or cramps <gout \cramping his limbs> vi to suffer from cramps

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prolonged painful contraction of a muscle. It is sometimes caused by an imbalance of the salts in the body, but is more often a result of fatigue, imperfect posture, or stress. Spasm in the muscles making it impossible to perform a specific task but allowing the use of these muscles for any other movement is called occupational cramp. It most often affects the hand muscles for writing (writer's cramp), a form of dystonia.

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(kramp) a painful spasmodic muscular contraction, especially a tonic spasm.

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