1. Symbol for chromium. 2. Abbreviation for creatinine.
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cadherin-specific repeat; calculation rate; calculus removed; calorie-restricted; cardiac rehabilitation; cardiac resuscitation; cardiac rhythm; cardiorespiratory; cardiorrhexis; caries-resistant; cathode ray; cellular receptor; central ray; centric relation; chemoradiation; chest and right arm [lead in electrocardiography]; chest roentgenogram, chest roentgenography; chief resident; child-resistant [bottle top]; choice reaction; chromium; chronic rejection; chrysene; clinical record; clinical remission; clinical research; clot retraction; coefficient of fat retention; colon resection; colonization rate; colonization resistance; colony reared [animal]; colorectal; complement receptor; complete remission; complete response; compression ratio; computed radiography; computerized record; conditioned reflex, conditioned response; confidence region [radiotherapy]; congenital rubella; Congo red; contractile reserve; controlled release; controlled respiration; conversion rate; cooling rate; correlation; correlation ratio; cortico-resistant; creatinine; cremaster reflex; cresyl red; critical ratio; crownrump [measurement]; cruciate retaining [arthroplasty]

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CR abbr
1) cardiorespiratory
2) chest and right arm
3) clot retraction
4) conditioned reflex; conditioned response

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Medical dictionary. 2011.

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