The union of two opposing tissue surfaces (often in reference to the sides of a wound). Also refers to scar tissue strands that can form in the area of a previous operation, such as within the abdomen after a laparotomy. The word "adhesion" comes from the Latin "adhaerere" meaning "to stick to or cling to."
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1. The process of adhering or uniting of two surfaces or parts, especially the union of the opposing surfaces of a wound. SYN: adhesio [TA], conglutination (1). 2. In the pleural cavity and peritoneal cavity, inflammatory bands that connect opposing serous surfaces. 3. Physical attraction of unlike molecules for one another. 4. Molecular attraction existing between the surfaces of bodies in contact. [L. adhaesio,, fr. adhaereo, to stick to]
- amnionic adhesions SYN: amnionic band.
- fibrinous a. 1. an a. that consists of fine threads of fibrin resulting from an exudate of plasma or lymph, or an extravasation of blood. 2. multiple fine or thin threads of fibrin.
- fibrous a. strong fibrous strands resulting from the organization of fibrinous adhesions, often after previous operative procedure; commonly seen in patients with mechanical bowel obstruction.
- interthalamic a. [TA] the variable connection between the two thalamic masses across the third ventricle; absent in about 20% of human brains. SYN: adhesio interthalamica [TA], massa intermedia, commissura cinerea, commissura grisea (1), intermediate mass.
- primary a. SYN: healing by first intention.
- secondary a. SYN: healing by second intention.

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ad·he·sion ad-'hē-zhən, əd- n
1) the action or state of adhering specif a sticking together of substances (as of glue and wood or of parts united by growth)
2 a) the abnormal union of surfaces normally separate by the formation of new fibrous tissue resulting from an inflammatory process also the newly formed uniting tissue <pleural \adhesions>
b) the union of wound edges esp. by first intention
3) the molecular attraction exerted between the surfaces of bodies in contact compare COHESION (2)
ad·he·sion·al -'hēzh-nəl, -'hē-zhən-əl adj

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1. the union of two normally separate surfaces, such as the moving surfaces of joints, by fibrous connective tissue developing in an inflamed or damaged region. (The fibrous tissue itself is also called an adhesion.) Adhesions between loops of intestine often occur following abdominal surgery but only rarely cause symptoms, such as intestinal obstruction. If the pericardial sac is affected by adhesion, the movements of the heart may be restricted.
2. a healing process in which the edges of a wound fit together. In primary adhesion there is very little granulation tissue; in secondary adhesion the two edges are joined together by granulation tissue.

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ad·he·sion (ad-heґzhən) [L. adhaesio, from adhaerere to stick to] 1. the property of remaining in close proximity, as that resulting from the physical attraction of molecules to a substance, or the molecular attraction existing between the surfaces of contacting bodies. 2. the stable joining of parts to each other, as in wound healing or some pathological process; sometimes done artificially such as in bonding materials to a tooth. 3. a fibrous band or structure by which parts abnormally adhere.

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